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Nutrition and hydration are obviously necessary to our energy supply. However, our main source of energy comes from the air that we breathe before anything else – the oxygen that we inhale which provides nutrients to each of the cells of our body especially the ones that need it most during physical effort; the oxygen which is key to sport recovery.

Knowing how to breathe better provides a higher supply of oxygen and therefore more energy required for a better performance. This applies to the air that we inhale as much as to the air that we exhale as the body needs to get rid of metabolic wastes in order to maintain a high level of performance.

Beyond the physical aspect, an optimised breathing enables to manage stress better, to reach calm and relaxation on demand, to be better focused, to make better decisions and to get yourself into a Flow state faster.

Customise your programme…

Relaxation, concentration and visualization techniques

Positive psychology and Flow

Respiratory capacity optimisation

Strengthening of CO2 tolerance

Optimal breathing

Mind and emotions control

Stress management

Better decision making under pressure

Strengthens stamina and decreases fatigue

Faster sport recovery

Sport performance optimisation

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“The guidance provided on how to rework my breathing habits and patterns have proven to be very effective. This combined with specific exercises to further optimise my breathing have provided a significant boost to my overall strength, endurance and stamina. My energy levels have very much improved on the pitch, at the gym and in my everyday life.”

Elia, Professional rugby player

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