“Discovery Programme

– Igniting the awareness of your breath –


Lessons available online and in person, in English and in French

3 sessions programme of 1h30 each over 3 weeks


The base and the key to correct breathing revolve around relaxation and the proper use of your breathing apparatus. This 3 session programme will bring up to light your breathing habits, will give you the basics and the tools to correct breathing and will teach you to let go through the power of the breath and the mind.

Rehabilitation of your respiratory mechanics

Connection between your breath, your mind and your body

Learn to let go

Create new good breathing habits

Discover your new breath…


Correct breathing

Respination Discovery Program

Individual price:


Decreasing price per participant if several participants

“Practicing yoga with Corentin is a real treat! His yoga lessons are organised alternating postures and relaxation.

Aged 75, I appreciate how he adapts the exercises according to my age!

He has made me aware that breathing is the key to relaxation and to stress management. I am really grateful towards him and I aspire to start daily breathing routines, for my equilibrium, my health, and my “well-aging”.

Thank you Corentin!”


Breathe better without waiting any further!